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A2zLegalHub is dedicated to assisting startups and small business proprietors in addressing their daily requirements and legal obligations. This includes tasks like business registration, incorporation for different business models, and acquiring necessary licenses for their enterprises. Our online platform connects clients with skilled experts who facilitate these processes. Our core objective revolves around delivering budget-friendly, swift, and automated professional services to our valued clients.

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Popular Services

Private Limited Company

This business structure is widely favored. A private limited company denotes a business entity that is privately owned, typically suited for small enterprises. The extent of financial responsibility the shareholders bear within a Private Limited Company is confined to their individual shareholdings.

Rs. 6,999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

GST Registration

Obtaining GST registration becomes obligatory as soon as the entity surpasses a designated minimum threshold turnover or when an individual initiates a new business with the anticipation of exceeding the defined turnover. After the successful GST registration, it becomes a requirement to fulfill GST return filings, even in cases of no transactions.

Rs. 999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The Information Technology Act of 2000 includes clauses regarding the utilization of Digital Signatures on electronically submitted documents. This measure is taken to ensure the security and genuineness of electronically filed documents.

Rs. 599/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Trademark Registration

A trademark is a distinctive symbol or set of words employed to symbolize a business or its offerings. Upon registration, no other entity can utilize the same symbol or sequence of words, indefinitely, as long as it continues to be in active use.

Rs. 1,499/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Startup India Registration

“A startup refers to a recently founded enterprise, often of small scale, initiated by one person or a collective. It introduces a fresh product or service that is not available in a similar manner elsewhere. The company either creates a novel product/service or enhances an existing one to a higher standard.”

Rs. 4,999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Section 8 Company(NGO)

“The primary aim of a Section 8 Company is to advance fields such as arts, commerce, science, research, education, sports, charity, social welfare, religion, environmental protection, or any analogous endeavor. It is not established for commercial objectives or profit generation.”

Rs. 9,999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

LLP Registration

“A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a type of partnership where certain or all partners maintain limited liability. Creating an LLP involves less complexity and fewer regulatory obligations in comparison to a Private Limited Company. LLPs are recognized for their simplified establishment process and adaptable business structure. This form of organization is preferred by entrepreneurs due to its convenience in day-to-day operational management.”

Rs. 5,999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

OPC Registration

“This novel concept was introduced through the Companies Act of 2013. The registration of a One Person Company (OPC) necessitates only a single individual who holds complete ownership of the company. This structured business format makes it simpler to secure loans from banks and financial institutions. An OPC encompasses attributes of a company while retaining the advantages of sole proprietorship.”

Rs. 5,999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Udyam Registration

“Udyam registration stands as an acknowledgment granted to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in India under the MSME Act of 2006. This registration holds significant importance, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises across the nation. It’s notable that a country’s overall economic progress is substantially influenced by the performance of its small and medium-sized businesses.”

Rs. 99/-

(Incl. all taxes)

FSSAI Registration

“FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration is a compulsory requirement for all food product-related businesses in India. This license is represented by a 14-digit number, demonstrating the business’s adherence to quality standards as stipulated by the FSSAI.”

Rs. 1,499/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Sole Proprietorship Registration

“Sole Proprietorship in India denotes an unregistered business structure owned, directed, and governed by a single individual. Its establishment is straightforward through uncomplicated business registrations. This model entails minimal regulatory obligations for carrying out business operations.”

Rs. 2999/-

(Incl. all taxes)

Import Export Code (IEC)

“An Import Export Code (IEC) serves as a vital business identification number essential for both exporting from India and importing to India. The registration for IE Code is a permanent arrangement, maintaining its validity over a lifetime. This ensures that there is no need to concern oneself with updates, filing, or renewal of the IE Code registration.

Rs. 1,499/-

(Incl. all taxes)

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A2Z legalhub is willing to help startups and small business owners in solving their day-to-day needs and legal compliance i.e. registration, incorporation of various types of businesses, taking various types of licenses for their business entity through our portals with the help of professional experts. Our mission is to offer affordable cost, quick, and automated professional services to clients.

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At A2ZLegalHub, we specialize in empowering startups and small business owners to effortlessly manage their day-to-day needs and legal responsibilities. From streamlining business registration to facilitating incorporation for various business models and securing essential licenses, we’re here to simplify the process. Our online platform seamlessly connects clients with highly skilled experts dedicated to making these tasks easier. Our unwavering commitment is centered on providing cost-effective, efficient, and automated professional services, ensuring that we remain your top choice for all your legal and business requirements..




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